StAX Functions

The following functions are built in to xmlsh, but need to be imported. They are not imported by default because of possible name collisions using these functions with no prefix.

These functions provide a scripting interface to the StAX streaming XML API.


To use the StAX commands you need to import them into either the global namespace or a local namespace.
Its recommended that you use a local namespace so that there is less chance of name collisions.

To import into the stax namespace prefix
import commands stax=stax

To import into the global namespace
import commands stax

Functions are invoked using the Function Call Syntax


closeWriterCloses a StAX Writer
closeReaderCloses a StAX Reader
getAttributeGets an attribute value from a StAX START_ELEMENT Event
getDataGets the Data of a StAX Event
getEventTypeGets event type of a StAX Event
getNameGets name of a StAX Event as a QName
getNamespaceGets namespace URI of a StAX Event as a String
hasNextAdvances the StAX Stream to the next matching event
nextEventReturns the next event
newEventReaderCreates a new XMLEventReader object
newStreamWriterCreates a new XMLStreamWriter object
writeWrites XML or Text to a "StAX" writer
writeAttributeWrites an attribute to a "StAX" writer
writeCDataWrites a CData section to a "StAX" writer
writeCharactersWrites characters (text) to a "StAX" writer
writeCommentWrites a comment a "StAX" writer
writeDefaultNamespaceWrites a default namespace to a "StAX" writer
writeEndDocumentWrites endDocument to a "StAX" writer
writeEndElementWrites endElement to a "StAX" writer
writeNamespaceWrites a namespace declaration to a "StAX" writer
writeStartDocumentWrites startDocument to a "StAX" writer
writeStartElementWrites startElement to a "StAX" writer

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