The following commands come with xmlsh.
As a naming convention, commands that start with "x" operate intrinsically on xml data (either as input or output and usually both).
Commands not starting with "x" generally don't operate on xml data exclusively (either as input or output).

Commands where Streaming is "Yes" are fully streamable in the sense that a fixed amount of memory is used regardless of the input size, and output can appear before the input has been completely read. Note this is independent from the capability of XDM Streaming.

Note: if your xmlsh scripts include only commands from this list they will be portable across all OS's which support xmlsh and have no dependency on OS commands.

: CoreThe null command ":"
[CoreEvaluates expressions
base64PosixYesBase64 encode/decode
breakCoreExits one level of a loop
catPosixYescopy or concatenate files
cdCorechange or print current directory
chmodPosixChange file permissions
cpPosixYescopy one or more files
continueCoreContinues the iteration of one level of a loop
csv2xmlCoreYesconvert csv file to xml
declareCoreDeclarations (including namespaces)
echoCorePrints arguments as text
evalCoreEvaluate a shell command
exitCoreexit the shell, script, or function
falseCorereturns false
fixed2xmlCoreYesconvert fixed field files to xml
helpCoreHelp on commands
httpCoreHttp client command
httpserverCoreHttp server
httpsessionCoreGet and set HTTP session variables
importCoreImport modules, packages and commands
jcallJavacall java from within the same JVM
jsetJavaSet a variable by calling a java method
json2xmlJSONConvert JSON to XML
jsoncatJSONConcatenate json objects into an array
jsonpathJSONEvaluate a JsonPath expression
jsonreadJSONRead JSON into a variable
jobsCoreprints jobs
logCoreWrites to log4j log
lsPosixlist files in a directory
mkdirPosixCreate directories
mktempPosixCreate a temporary file or directory
morePosixYesSimple pagenator
mvPosixMove/Rename files
printvarCoreYesPrints one or more variables
pwdPosixprint current working directory
readCorereads text into a variable
returnCoreReturns from a function
requireCoreChecks the current shell for a specified minimum version
rmPosixRemove/Delete files
rmdirPosixRemove/Delete directories
rngconvertCoreConverts to and from RNG schema formats
rngvalidateCoreValidates with an RNG schema
schematronCoreValidates with a schematron description
setCoreset positional parameters and view variables
shiftCoreshift positional parameters
sleepPosixDelay execution
source (.)CoreExecutes a script within the current shell
teePosixYes|Read from standard input and write to standard output and files
testCoreEvaluates conditional expressions (strings, files, numbers)
touchPosixcreate and update timestamp of a file
tieCoreTies an xquery to a variable for ease of access
trueCorereturns true
unsetCoreUnset a variable
waitCorewait for jobs to complete
xaddattributreCoreAdds or replaces an attribute to nodes matching an expression
xaddbaseCoreAdd xml:base attributes to a document
xbaseCoreextract the base URI from a document or node
xcatCoreYesconcatenate XML documents
xcmpCoreYescompare text, binary or xml
xdelattributeCoreYesdelete attributes
xdeleteCoreDeletes nodes or attributes matching an expression
xechoCorePrints arguments as xml
xedCorexpath based xml edit
xeventTestYesgenerate or receive StAX Events
xfileCorefile name manipulations
xgetoptsCoreparse arguments into xml
xgrepCoreSearch for patterns in files
xidentityCoreYesOutputs an identical copy of the input
xincludeCoreruns xinclude preprocessing on an xml file
xlsCorelist files in a directory
xmd5sumCoreYesMD5 sum of file(s)
xmkpipeCoreCreates a named pipe
xml2csvCoreconvert xml to csv
xml2jsonCoreConvert XML to JSON
xmoveCoreRename/Move xml files to a new filename based on an expression in the file
xpathCorerun xpath version 2.0 expressions on an xml document
xmlshCoreRun a sub shell
xmlshuiCoreRun the simple xmlsh GUI
xpwdCoreprints the current directory
xpropertiesCoreparse or generate Java Properties files
xqueryCoreruns xquery scripts on an xml document
xquoteCoreConverts an XML expression into a String
xreadCoreReads an XML document into a variable
xsdvalidateCoreValidates against one or more W3C XSD schemas
xsqlCorequery a relational database using jdbc
xsltCoreruns xslt version 2.0 transformations
xslt1Coreruns xslt version 1.0 transformations
xsplitCoreYessplits an XML file into multiple files
xsysinfoExperimentalprints system information
xteeCoreYescopies input to multiple outputs
xtypeCoreprints the XDM type of each argument
xuriCorecreate and disect URI's
xurldecodeCoreDecode arguments (or stdin) from urlencoded to text
xurlencodeCoreEncode arguments (or stdin) from text to urlencoded
xunquoteCoreConverts (parses) a string into an XML expression
xunzipCoreYesExtracts zip archives
xwcCoreYescounts XML nodes (all XDM types)
xvalidateCorevalidate a document against a schema
xversionCoreprints the shell version
wcPosixyesCounts lines, words, and characters
xwhichCoreLocates commands
xzipCoreYesCreates zip archives

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