The following functions come with xmlsh. Those in the "Core" set are in the main (unnamed) namespace and can be used without an import statement.
Other functions are available only after importing the corresponding module.

Functions are invoked using the Function Call Syntax

jnewCoreCreates a Java Object
quoteCoreConcatenate all arguements as a single string and quote it
QNameCoreCreates a QName
xs:integerXSCasts argument as an xs:integer
xs:stringXSCasts argument as an xs:string
xs:attributeXSCreate an attribute node
xs:elementXSCreate an element node
xs:documentXSCreate a document node
stax:closeReaderStAXCloses a StAX Reader
stax:getAttributeStAXGets an attribute value from a StAX START_ELEMENT Event
stax:getDataStAXGets the Data of a StAX Event
stax:getEventTypeStAXGets event type of a StAX Event
stax:getNameStAXGets name of a StAX Event as a QName
stax:getNamespaceStAXGets namespace URI of a StAX Event as a String
stax:hasNextStAXAdvances the StAX Stream to the next matching event
stax:nextEventStAXReturns the next event
stax:newEventReaderStAXCreates a new XMLEventReader object
json:booleanJSONCreates a JSON boolean value
json:nullJSONCreates a JSON null value
json:arrayJSONCreates a JSON value
json:jsonJSONCreates a JSON object or array from a string
json:objectJSONCreates a JSON object
json:numberJSONCreates a JSON number
json:pathJSONEvaluates a JsonPath on a JSON object
json:stringJSONCreates a JSON string
json:valueJSONCreates a JSON value

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