XS Functions

The following functions are built in to xmlsh, but need to be imported. They are not imported by default because of possible name collisions using these functions with no prefix. The intent of these functions is to provide convenient and efficient access to core "XDM" data types without having to use the XML Expression Syntax.


To use the XS commands you need to import them into either the global namespace or a local namespace.
Its recommended that you use a local namespace so that there is less chance of name collisions.

To import into the xs namespace prefix
import commands xs=xs

To import into the global namespace
import commands xs

Functions are invoked using the Function Call Syntax

decimalCasts argument as an xs:decimal
integerCasts argument as an xs:integer
stringCasts argument(s) as an xs:string
attributeCreate an attribute node
elementCreate an element node
documentCreate a document node

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