Posix Commands

The following commands are built in to xmlsh, but need to be imported. They are not imported by default because they provide a simpler (less feature-full) implementation of common posix commands which are likely to exist in the environment. On Linux, Unix and Mac/OS these will already exist in /bin or /usr/bin. On Windows they will exist if you have cygwin or other unix compatibility software installed.


To use the Posix commands you need to import them into either the global namespace or a local namespace.
Its recommended that you use a local namespace so that you still have access to the system commands of the same name.

To import into the p namespace prefix
import commands p=posix

To import into the global namespace
import commands posix

Advantages / Disadvantages

You may want to use these commands even if they exist in the environment for the following reasons

You may want to avoid these commands for the following reasons
It is recommended that you import the Posix commands using a prefix rather then into the global namespace otherwise you will be unable to access the OS commands of the same name without using their full path.


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