Release 1.1.2

2011-01-10 14:22:36 EST daldei
Update build to version 1.1.3 in preparation for a release.

2011-01-08 08:27:50 EST daldei
Added RANDOM env variable, read-only. produces 0-32k

2011-01-06 16:49:34 EST daldei
Fix to printing (-v or -x) Case statements with no commands
incompatible change to xgrep to default to xls (xml) output but added -t flag for compatibility with text output

2011-01-04 13:23:23 EST daldei
Added a XML aware Stax write command which can write any XML content in streaming mode intermixed with stax content.

2011-01-04 12:40:45 EST daldei
Added basic StAX StreamWriter support.

2010-12-29 07:08:40 EST daldei
Fix to test program "xevent" was calling writeStartDocument instead of writeEndDocument

2010-12-27 07:25:38 EST daldei
Fixed some cases where an XMLStreamWriter was not being closed which could case missing or empty output on a StreamOutputPort

2010-12-26 12:19:34 EST daldei
Improvement to both the QName shell function, and all commands that take QNames (either as strings or a QName) to allow prefix:name to use the shell declared namespaces to get the URI component of the QName.

Added tests for xdelattribute

2010-12-25 16:08:21 EST daldei
Use shell declared namespaces in XValue.xpath
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