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Basic Syntax

xmlsh can run in 2 modes, interactive and batch. In interactive mode, a prompt ("$ ") is displayed and in batch mode there is no prompt. Otherwise they are identical. Running xmlsh with no arguments starts an interactive shell. Running with an argument runs in batch mode and invokes the given script.
You can run an xmlsh script by passing it as the first argument, followed by any script arguments
xmlsh myscript.xsh arg1 arg2

For details on xmlsh invocation and parameters see xmlsh command


On invocation, xmlsh inherits the process environment of the caller. In particular this includes
The shell itself maintains additional environment which is passed to all subshells, but not to external (sub process) commands.

Running Commands / Basic Syntax

On startup, xmlsh reads the standard input (interactive mode) or the script file (batch mode), parses one command at a time and executes it. The following steps are performed

After the command is executed, then the process repeats.

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