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Modules (or "Extension Modules") are a mechanism for managing sets of funtionality (commands) within xmlsh optionally in their own namespace. The unix shells implemente a simple concept of modules with the [[BuiltinVariables PATH variable]]. With xmlsh, you can still use the PATH variable but only to locate script files (.xsh) and all such scripts are in the default namespace.

Extension Modules allow you to implement commands in either Java or as xmlsh scripts and package them as a .jar file and register the set of commands to the runtime as a module. The commands (both native java and xmlsh scripts) are imported into the current shell in either the default namespace or their own namespace.

See the [[CommandImport import module]] command for how to import modules.

====Supported Modules====

[[ModuleMarkLogic MarkLogic]]
[[ModuleCalabash Calabash]]
[[ModuleExist eXist]]
[[ModuleAWS Amazon Web Services]]
[[ModuleJSON JSON]]

====Writing Extension Modules====

Extension modules are easy to write and deploy.

[[WritingExtensionModules Writing Extension Modules]]


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