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<td ><h1>XMLSH</h1>
<p>A command line shell for XML<br>
Based on the philosophy and design of the
Unix Shells </p><p>
xmlsh provides a familiar scripting environment, but specifically tailored for scripting xml processes.</p>
Github Project: <a href=""></a><br/>
<p>LatestBinaries <a href=""></a><br/>
<a href=" ">XMLSH Blog</a><br/>
<a href="">Download</a></p>

This project is managed in GitHub. See the [[ XMLSH 1.3 GitHub Repository]].
The latest stable release in 1.3.1.

Binaries for the 1.3.1 branch can be downloaded at:

The 1.3 branch will remain in maintenance but is no longer actively developed.
XMLSH 2.0 is in progress but not ready for production use.
See the [[ XMLSH 2.0 GitHub Repository]].




The xmlsh projects have been moved to the "xmlsh" organization on Github.

The latest release of xmlsh 1.3.1. on 2015-06-15.
Only the aws and marklogic extensions are built for this release
1.3.1 is branched on Githup at
Binaries are available at

XMLSH 2.0 is under development.
I will update this page when it is ready for release, in the meantime the 1.3.1 branch is the recommended release.

[[ Mark Logic]] server is supported via an extension module, see [[ModuleMarkLogic MarkLogic]]
[[ Calabash Xproc]] processor is supported via an extension module, see [[ModuleCalabash Calabash]]

XMLSH now has a [[ Blog]] as an attempt to less formally journal the progress.

I gave a presentation about xmlsh at Balisage (previously "Extreme XML") conference, August 13, 2008.
See [[ Balisage Program]]

I co-presented a presentation with Norman Walsh at [[ Balisage 2009]] on [[Balisage2009 Efficient XML Scripting]]

[[ Download]]
[[BasicSyntax Basic Syntax]]
[[HowTo How To Guide]]
[[XMLExpressions XML Expressions]]
[[SaxonSupport Saxon HE and EE Support]]

====Other ways of using xmlsh====

[[AntTask Calling from Ant]]
[[EmbeddingXmlsh Embedding xmlsh]]
[[EmbeddingServlet Embedding as as Servlet]]

====Commands and Functions====
[[Commands]] includes [[CommandsPosix Posix]] and [[CommandsExperimental Experimental]] commands
[[Functions]] includes Internal, [[FunctionsXS XS]], and [[FunctionsStAX StAX]] functions

====XPath Extensions====
[[XPathExtension XPath Extensions]]

====Extension Modules====
[[ModuleMarkLogic MarkLogic]]
[[ModuleCalabash Calabash XProc]]
[[ModuleExist eXist]]
[[ModuleAWS Amazon AWS Services]]
[[ModuleJSON JSON]]

====Predefined XQuery Function Modules====
[[ModuleFunctx functx XQuery module]]

====Native Java Objects====
[[JavaObjects Using Native Java Objects]]

====Scripting streamable XML with ""StAX"" functions====
[[FunctionsStAX StAX Functions]]

====XMLSHI GUI====
[[XmlshGUI Simple GUI for xmlsh]]

====Other Fun Things====

A recent interview with Steve Bourne about the "Bourne Shell" (sh).
[[ Bourne Shell Interview]]
[[ XML Resources page from DEI]]
Four part series on xmlsh at [[]]

[[ReportBugs Report Bugs]]
[[Contact Contact the author]]
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